Sew Suite Sew Suite in Highland Park, TX

Sew Suite in Highland Park, TX

At Sew Suite our top priority is service, quality and integrity. We will outfit your team with brand names and logos on apparel and gear. We outfit many businesses and teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and have many clients in Highland Park, TX. We are very proud to announce that Sew Suite Inc. is a Women Owned Business. With that we are able to offer flexibility from a price point without compromising quality, delivery and service. Give us a call to discover how we can help you.

Sports Apparel Embroidery

It’s difficult to imagine life without sports. In turn, it is difficult to imagine sport without the distinctive features of one team from another. When watching sports, the first thing you notice is the team uniform. Besides the jersey or uniform there are other items that are necessary for a team. Team jackets, bags, towels, caps just to name a few. It’s important to use sports apparel embroidery if you’re a player, captain or coach of any level in any sport. Let us show you how to outfit your team.

Corporate Apparel Embroidery

The corporate culture forms the overall image of a company. Consequently, the best way to maintain that image at a high level is to invest in the development of your corporate culture. The first thing you can start with is to unite your employees with a high corporate standard, which can be formal and both casual and special. At Sew Suite you can order embroidered corporate apparel for:

  • uniforms for your staff;
  • gifts to clients and customers.
  • other special promotions.

Call 972-849-6100 or simply send us an email to discuss your needs.