Sew Suite What Makes Our Company Successful

What Makes Our Company Successful

Commitment!  We continually strive to meet the needs of each and every customer as though they are our only customer.  From creative ideas all the way through the process to the end result each job will get 100% of our effort and attention until satisfaction is achieved.

Advantages of Being a Woman Owned Business

Being woman owned, to Sew Suite, means attention to detail! Double checking design sewouts, making sure size ratios are met, ensuring logo colors are correct and communicating with customers to ensure that deadlines are met and the best results possible are achieved.  We strive, one customer at a time to be the very best. We know who our competition is and our plan each day is to go above and beyond their capabilities.

Our Price

While our price may not always be the lowest, it will certainly be competitive and economical. Our customers always come first. We offer the highest quality products and our embroidery is second to none. Our customers see the value in what we offer; our attention to detail, gold standard equipment and materials produce consistently excellent results.

We Appreciate Our Customers

Over the years we have grown mostly by word-of-mouth advertising. We take pride in the fact that our customers tell others about us and have stayed with us from the beginning. They have helped us grow from an idea to a thriving staple in our community.

Time is Money

Time is valuable! At Sew Suite we understand that our customers need their products in a timely manner. We will always work as closely as possible with each customer to ensure deadlines are met.

Experience is Key

With over ten years’ experience, Patty Garver is the President and chief operator of Sew Suite, Inc. and as a mother and a woman she understands the importance of your valuable time and how important your image is and how your products represent you. She oversees every aspect of the business and each detail that goes into ensuring our commitments are fulfilled.  Let us know how we can help you with your next project.


Become our client today and personally see all these advantages. Call us at 972-849-6100